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Killiney History | March 5, 2024

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D’Alton’s History of the County of Dublin (1838)

31 May 2022 |

This transcription of the Killiney section of D’Altons acclaimed history of County Dublin contains a wealth of information on the area up to 1838 when it was first published.Read More

The Book of Dun Laoghaire

3 January 2022 |

Edited by John O’Sullivan and Séamus Cannon, 1987

We transcribe here the list of contents of this most valuable contribution to the recording of the history and heritage of the … Read More

Killiney in 1911

31 December 2021 |

Part 1. Porter’s Post Office Guide and Directory, Killiney & Ballybrack.
Part 2. Census of 1911
Part 3. Royal Visit, George V and other storiesRead More

Between the Mountains and the Sea by Peter Pearson

31 July 2021 |

We reproduce below an extract from the Killiney chapter of Peter Pearson’s book of 1998 (revised 2007) which provides an excellent overview of the history and a detailed description of … Read More

Mica Schists of Killiney 1900

21 November 2020 |

Near the gateway of Glenalua Lodge, when coming from Killiney village, the observer meets on the north side, or right hand, a rough piece of ground, showing outcrops of the mica schistsRead More

Lewis’s Topographical Dictionary 1837

21 November 2020 |


In 1837 Samuel Lewis, who ran a publishing business in London, produced his monumental two-volumed topographical dictionary of Ireland. This dictionary was accompanied by an atlas of the counties … Read More

We, the workingmen of the village of Killiney

18 November 2020 |

We wish to thank Conan Kennedy for contributing this excerpt from his book of the above name which is published by Merrigan Books, 2018.

The back story

“There is … Read More

Granite Hills

18 November 2020 |

1980. This booklet is about the neighbourhood of the three hills whose rugged mass dominates the coastlineRead More