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Killiney History | May 31, 2023

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Name changes of Killiney and Ballybrack houses over the years

27 May 2023 |

Tracing the names of the owners and occupiers of the larger houses of Killiney and Ballybrack is greatly helped by the listings provided in Thom’s and other Directories. However it is not always a simple task.Read More

The Killiney Estate of the Talbots de Malahide

6 May 2023 |

This article follows on from a recent talk about the Killiney houses of the Talbot Estate and provides further information on the history of the Talbot Estate in Killiney and Tasmania.Read More

Houses circa 1900

24 April 2023 |

This photo was taken circa 1900 and shows many of the grand villas overlooking Killiney Bay.

Read More

Looking back at Killiney

12 April 2023 |

Killiney Village Residents Association is delighted to announce the return of the historical photographic exhibition which was first presented back in 2015. The exhibition took place over the weekend of 22nd to 23rd April and was held in the Druid’s … Read More


1 April 2023 |

Tony Plunkett has written a comprehensive and incredibly well researched history of his family connection to Montebello during the Plunkett/Kirkwood era of 1868 to 1918 Read More

The houses and residents of Killiney & Ballybrack in 1858

1 March 2023 |

The arrival of the Railway in Killiney in 1854 greatly improved travel time to the city, reducing it to about 25 minutes. This heralded an explosion of residential and commercial development in the area and led to significant changes in the road layouts. Read More