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Killiney History | April 17, 2024

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The French are on the Sea

7 December 2023 |

For those of you who may have missed the recent talk by Pól Ó Duibhir you can watch it here. His informative and highly entertaining history on the background and implementation of the maritime defences along Killiney Bay in the early 19th century is a must see.Read More

Killiney Historical Society Launch

4 November 2023 |

Killiney Historical Society (KHS) was established on 3rd October 2023 under the auspices of the Killiney Village Residents Association (KVRA). Following on from the success of the historical weekend held … Read More

The Martello Towers of Killiney Bay

1 September 2023 |

The towers were conceived as an interdependent network and the loss of one affects the whole network. Sadly, many of the emplacements, between towers and batteries, in Killiney Bay are no longer with us. But there is enough there to recreate the network in our minds with a bit of imagination.Read More

The houses and residents of Killiney & Ballybrack in 1858

1 March 2023 |

The arrival of the Railway in Killiney in 1854 greatly improved travel time to the city, reducing it to about 25 minutes. This heralded an explosion of residential and commercial development in the area and led to significant changes in the road layouts. Read More

The Brack

1 February 2023 |

The Brack is a social history of the south county Dublin suburb of Ballybrack. It tells the story of its people from the time it was a small rural village on the edge of Dublin through the development of the thousands of local authority houses in the 1970s and 80sRead More

Tragic plane crash in Killiney Bay on 15th July 1955

12 December 2022 |

While hundreds of people on the beach at Killiney, Co. Dublin, watched a low-flying plane, it crashed into the sea 200 yards from the shore, killing one man and injuring another.Read More

Killiney in the snow 2010

4 December 2021 |

A selection of photos taken around Killiney in 2010 and a few seasonal newspaper cuttings from days gone by….Read More


2 July 2021 |

The recollections of Arthur Haughton who was born in 1903 and who lived in the area for all of his life is a fascinating record of many aspects of daily life and local history which would otherwise be lost forever.Read More


28 December 2020 |

‘South View of Queenstown from Killiney Bay proposed to be built on the Obelisk Hill of Killiney near Kingstown in the County Dublin’ by Joseph Patrick Haverty 1840. Courtesy National … Read More