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Killiney History | November 30, 2023

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Abbey Lea (Marino) and it’s Harry Clarke connections

31 October 2023 |

Killiney featured as part of this year’s Dublin Festival of History. You can watch a video recording of Pippa McIntosh’s talk on the history of Abbey Lea (Marino) and it’s Harry Clarke connections here.Read More

The Killiney Castle Estate of Robert Warren 1834-1869

1 October 2023 |

This video presentation is based on a talk delivered by Michael McShane to the Dun Laoghaire Borough Historical Society in The Royal Marine Hotel on 20th September 2023. The presentation focuses on the Killiney estate of Robert WarrenRead More

The Martello Towers of Killiney Bay

1 September 2023 |

The towers were conceived as an interdependent network and the loss of one affects the whole network. Sadly, many of the emplacements, between towers and batteries, in Killiney Bay are no longer with us. But there is enough there to recreate the network in our minds with a bit of imagination.Read More

Killiney & Ballybrack houses in 1837

5 August 2023 |

This article explores the earliest houses of Killiney and Ballybrack as existing in 1837. This snapshot in time records the status of development prior to the coming of the railway which changed sleepy old Killiney forever.Read More

The Goodman Family of Loughlinstown

2 July 2023 |

The Goodmans acted as “warden of the marches” protecting the southern border of the Pale from raids and incursions of the Wicklow Septs, the O’Byrnes and the O’Tooles.Read More

Name changes of Killiney and Ballybrack houses over the years

27 May 2023 |

Tracing the names of the owners and occupiers of the larger houses of Killiney and Ballybrack is greatly helped by the listings provided in Thom’s and other Directories. However it is not always a simple task.Read More

The Killiney Estate of the Talbots de Malahide

6 May 2023 |

This article follows on from a recent talk about the Killiney houses of the Talbot Estate and provides further information on the history of the Talbot Estate in Killiney and Tasmania.Read More


1 April 2023 |

Tony Plunkett has written a comprehensive and incredibly well researched history of his family connection to Montebello during the Plunkett/Kirkwood era of 1868 to 1918 Read More