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Killiney History | June 15, 2024

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Monthly Archives: November 2020

Mica Schists of Killiney 1900

21 November 2020 |

Near the gateway of Glenalua Lodge, when coming from Killiney village, the observer meets on the north side, or right hand, a rough piece of ground, showing outcrops of the mica schistsRead More

Lewis’s Topographical Dictionary 1837

21 November 2020 |


In 1837 Samuel Lewis, who ran a publishing business in London, produced his monumental two-volumed topographical dictionary of Ireland. This dictionary was accompanied by an atlas of the counties … Read More

Mount Eagle

20 November 2020 |

In 1838 Symes exhibited plans of ‘a villa, now erecting at Brighton Cliff, at the south side of Killiney Hill, for Robert Warren Esq.’ at the Royal Hibernian Academy.Read More

We, the workingmen of the village of Killiney

18 November 2020 |

We wish to thank Conan Kennedy for contributing this excerpt from his book of the above name which is published by Merrigan Books, 2018.

The back story

‚ÄúThere is … Read More

Granite Hills

18 November 2020 |

1980. This booklet is about the neighbourhood of the three hills whose rugged mass dominates the coastlineRead More