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Killiney History | June 13, 2021

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Latest News

Latest News
Last Modified: 02 Jun 2021 | author

1st January 2021: New Content. Featured article January 2021. Queenstown. Plans for the development of Killiney Hill Park and the Vico Road in 1840.

1st March 2021: Featured article March 2021. Killiney Castle Hotel.

2nd April 2021: New content. Featured article April 2021. Opening Vico Road. Officially opened to the public in 1889.

4th April 2021: Glenalua Lodge. Post updated with new photographs and additional history.

5th April 2021: The Railway. Post updated with new maps, photographs, newspaper articles and additional history including the location of Obelisk Hill Station.

6th April 2021: Search Map updated to include Warren Estate 1872 and Gaynor Estate 1874 map overlays. These Landed Estate Court maps which were prepared for the auction of the bankrupted estates covered most of the Killiney area with the exception of Ballinclea and Rocheshill.

7th April 2021: Glenalua House. Post updated with additional newspaper articles and a piece on the house being used as the local military headquarters of the Free State army, coming under attack in 1922.

1st May 2021: New content. Featured article May 2021. Torching of Ballybrack RIC barracks in 1920.

8th May 2021: Victoria Castle. Post updated to include Landed Estates Court auction of 1872 and fire of 1926.

1st June 2021: New content. Featured article June 2021. The Workingmen of Killiney. Petition for the release of Frank DuBédat, 1896.