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Killiney History | April 17, 2024

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Talbot Cottages

Talbot Cottages
NameTalbot Cottages
AddressTalbot Road
Year Built1913
ArchitectMillar & Symes
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Talbot Road in 1896

View of Killiney Village in c.1896 showing situation prior to construction of Talbot Cottages and Glenalua Terrace.


The following article appeared in The British Medical Journal on 26th February 1910

A memorial signed by over eighty residents has been sent to the Urban District Council of Killiney and Ballybrack, calling attention to the houses of the working class in that district, and urging the Council to make a radical improvement by exercising its powers under the Public Health and Housing Acts. The houses, it appears, were condemned on two occasions by Local Government Board inspectors, one of whom described them in 1900 as “of a poor description, defective in construction, ventilation, and lighting, imperfectly drained, with back yards un-paved and undrained.” In addition to this heavy indictment, a later report called attention to the defective sanitary accommodation as a menace to public health. Many of the privies are situated too near the dwelling houses, and in one instance there are no less than thirty persons for whose accommodation only one privy is available.

The public action of the present residents is to be commended, and it is to be hoped that their influence will be sufficient to force the Council to take immediate steps to remedy the existing condition.

Acquisition of the site

An advert placed in The Irish Times dated 16th July 1910 gave notice of the compulsory purchase of the sites which would be utilised for the erection of Nos. 1-5 Talbot Cottages and Nos. 1-10 Glenalua Terrace.

Irish Times 16th July 1910
Article from the British Medical Journal 14 January 1911
Report in The Irish Builder 3 August 1912. Courtesy of the Irish Architectural Archive.

Extract from 1888 Ordnance Survey Map of Killiney. The area outlined in red indicates the location of the existing 9 sub-standard cottages which were cleared to make way for 1-5 Talbot Cottages in 1912 (works completed in March 1913). Detail from Ordnance Survey map of 1888. Sheet XXIII.97 “County Dublin,” held by Ordnance Survey Ireland. © Public domain. Digital content: © Ordnance Survey Ireland, published by UCD Library, University College Dublin

Extract from the minutes of Killiney & Ballybrack Urban District Council Meetings

Page No.DateMinute
21929th July 1912Talbot Road Cottages. Town Clerk reported that tenders for these Cottages had been invited and would be lodged in time for next Council meeting. Read letter Messrs Millar & Symes.
22330th October 1912Architects fees. Read letter from Messrs Millar & Symes applying for a payment of £30 on account of fees in connection with the Glenalua Cottages and forwarding account for £16 extra charge for preparing amended plans of the Talbot Road portion of the scheme. The sum of £30 passed for payment.
22430th October 1912New Cottages Talbot Road. Read application of Mr. Pemberton (contractor) for appointment of Clerk of Works. Mr. Noctor appointed at 45s per week. (This was Peter Noctor)
22828th October 1912Talbot Road Cottages. Read letter Messrs. Millar & Symes enclosing Certificate for £300 being 1st instalment on a/c of Contract due to Messrs Pemberton. Recommended for payment.
23727th January 1913Killiney Housing Scheme. Read letter from Messrs Millar & Symes enclosing Certificate for £250 being the 2nd instalment in respect of Talbot Road Cottages in favour of Messrs Pemberton. Passed for payment. A further entry here concerns extras for increases in the costs of ranges and grates to be provided in the cottages.
24631st March 1913Artizan Dwellings Killiney, Talbot Road. Read letter from Messrs Millar & Symes with Certificate in favour of Contractors Messrs Pemberton for £200. Recommended for payment. Town clerk reported that the Cottages on the Talbot Road were now Practically Complete and ready for occupation and submitted a list of applicants.

Building contractor for the project

Advert for Pemberton & Sons which appeared in the 1911 Killiney Directory

Wedding photo c. 1955

The happy occasion of a local wedding which took place on Talbot Road c.1955 is captured below. The bride and groom are Gene Tyndall and Noel Farrell. In attendance is a young Anthony Deegan standing in front of his mother and his father Tom is to the left. The dog is called Trixie. 4 and 5 Talbot Cottages can be seen behind the wedding group.

Photo courtesy of Anthony Deegan

Earliest records from Thom’s Directory 1971

1James Dignam
2Michael McClure
3Isaac Mason
4Kevin Higgins
5Charles Mason

Aerial view c.1995

It is interesting to note that, when first constructed, No.1 Talbot Cottages did not have the two gable dormers which it now has. These were a later addition c.1999 when the house was extended and the features were added to present a more homogeneous appearance to the terrace.

Aerial view of Talbot Road c.1995. Courtesy NBK Architects.

Talbot Cottages today

Photo taken in April 2022 by Michael McShane
Remnants of cottages which were demolished in 1912 on the pedestrian right of way between Glenalua Road and Talbot Road