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Killiney History | April 17, 2024

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Name changes of Killiney and Ballybrack houses over the years

Name changes of Killiney and Ballybrack houses over the years
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Tracing the names of the owners and occupiers of the larger houses of Killiney and Ballybrack is greatly helped by the listings provided in Thom’s and other Directories. Thom’s Irish Almanac and Official Directory was first published in 1844 and grew over time to include among others, a street directory for Dublin, a wide variety of information, events, listings and statistics on the United Kingdom and Ireland. Along with other similar directories, including The Post Office Directory and Pettigrew & Oulton’s Dublin Directory, we are provided with a rich and detailed annual listing for the districts of Killiney and Ballybrack.

A typical listing, as per the example shown here from 1852, sets out the names of the owner/occupiers of the principal houses and public buildings in alphabetical order. These listings were typically updated annually allowing for the tracing of the comings and goings of the residents in the area.

1852 Post Office Directory

This information is very useful in determining when a house was first built and the gradual increase in the housing stock can be determined with some level of accuracy. However as we analysed the listings over time certain anomalies began to appear as some houses inexplicably vanished from one year to the next without explanation. The reason for this was not necessarily that the house had been demolished, although this was sometimes the case, but it was simply down to a new owner putting their own stamp on the property by changing its name.

This became a challenge at times as linking new names to those no longer being used required a wider knowledge of the subject in order to ascertain the correct result. Fortunately the mapping of both districts is very comprehensive and was updated on a fairly regular basis, roughly every 20 years or so. This allowed for a comparison of house names based on location which was highly accurate. The end result is that we now have a detailed list of about 80 houses which have changed name since first being built. Many on the list no longer exist but gave their names to new housing developments which began to replace the larger estates over the years. This information has allowed us to trace the owners/occupiers of a house, even where a name has changed, and has proved very useful in establishing the year in which the house was first built, which otherwise would be lost.

Detail from drawings which were attached to the building contract of 1912. Courtesy of The Architectural Archive ref 79/17 Bin 11 R4.

An interesting example of a house which has changed names many times is a residence which was once called The Whins This proved to be an elusive property to identify in it’s current iteration. When first built in 1912 for J.M. Mitchell, it’s architect owner, it’s exact location was not identified in the street directories or other available records. From c.1913 to 1940 it was called The Whins but the name disappeared from the listings around this time. The Ordnance Survey map of c.1935-38 records the name as Maryknoll although we have found no other instance of this name being used. In the mid forties it was renamed Far Hills by its then owners, The Misses Malone. We were fortunate to come across a deeds map of a nearby house which located Far Hills at the very end of Glenalua Road. A close examination of a set of architectural drawings for The Whins, dated 1912 and obtained from The Irish Architectural Archive, confirmed it to be the same house and the link was established. Given its siting on a rocky outcrop overgrown with furze the choice of name made complete sense and the mystery was solved. It was later, c.1980, to be called Knockbrack until it was more recently renamed as The Rocks.

The listings

Below we provide the list which we have compiled which we hope will be of use to anyone tracing the history of a particular house or those who are trying to identify a house name which no longer exists. Names which are highlighted have dedicated articles providing further information on their history. Use the search box on the right to find the house you are looking for. Enter the new or the old name and if a match is available it will appear below.

Current nameLocationPrevious namesStatus
AbberleyShanganagh RoadFarm LodgeHouse no longer exists
Abbey LeaMarino Avenue WestMarinoOriginal house exists
Aghern, Eversley, Lotherien (Wingfield)Military RoadMarine/Marino Terrace#
Albany CourtShanganagh RoadAlbany#
Anglesey ParkKilliney RoadMountain View & Anglesea HouseHouse no longer exists
AnnabegWyattville RoadLaurelville#
AshurstMilitary RoadNotre Dame des BoisOriginal house exists
Ballinacor HouseChurch RoadBallybrack Lodge, Egremont#
Ballybrack GroveWyattville RoadShanganagh Grove#
BallycarberyKilliney Hill RoadMerton Lodge (demolished)House no longer exists
BalureChurch RoadWellington House (1866)
Beech Court EstateAvondale RoadBeechwood House, Beechwood HotelHouse no longer exists
BelfortStrathmore RoadMontreale (1866), Monreale (1888), ArdkillOriginal house exists
Breffni HouseWyattville RoadFernmore#
Buona Vista (demolished)Killiney Hill RoadBella Vista & Buona Vista. Tower Hall & Tower Cottage. All now demolishedHouse no longer exists
CampanellaMarino Avenue WestCampaville#
Casa SaraStrand RoadSuper MareOriginal house exists
Cliff HouseKilliney Hill RoadGreenhillOriginal house exists
ComeraghClaremont RoadClaremountOriginal house exists
Deanery, TheChurch RoadObelisk Cottage (1866), St. Germains (site of)House no longer exists
DonardKilmore AvenueLecarrowOriginal house exists
Dorset LodgeKilliney Hill RoadDorset Lodge, St. Declan'sOriginal house exists
Dun MhuireSeafield RoadInveruiskOriginal house exists
Evergreen LodgeMilitary RoadMarchington, Cedar LodgeOriginal house exists
EyrefieldKilliney Hill RoadClooneveenOriginal house exists
GalleenMarino Avenue EastOtago#
GayfieldKilliney Hill RoadClonkeeve#
Glen Druid EstateShanganagh RoadDruid Cottage (1837), Glen DruidHouse no longer exists
Glenalua LodgeGlenalua RoadDerrynane Lodge, GlenaluaOriginal house exists
GleneaglesKilliney RoadUrney, Coolmeen, Eagle LodgeOriginal house exists
GlenmalureKilmore AvenueMon Abri#
GortnamonaKilliney Hill RoadCappagh#
Grove, TheKilliney Hill RoadGlenfieldOriginal house exists
Haecombe Park?Killiney AvenueCloneevin
Hall, TheKilliney Hill RoadKilliney & Ballybrack Town Hall (1872/1888), Killiney National SchoolOriginal house exists
Hamp HouseKilliney Hill RoadKennanmore#
Holy Child ConventMilitary RoadKillacoona, KildimoOriginal house exists
Kenah HillSt. George's AvenueStoneleigh, FrankfortOriginal house exists
Kilda LodgeSt. George's AvenueDrum-GoibhneannOriginal house exists
Killiney CastleKilliney Hill RoadLoftus Hill, Roxboro, Mount MapasOriginal house exists
Killiney CourtSeafield RoadWilliams ParkHouse no longer exists
KilmarnockMilitary RoadKilmarnock Manor/House, Haldane Grange, Cenacle ConventOriginal house exists
KilmuireMilitary RoadMartello Cottage, Little AnsticeOriginal house exists
Kylemore HouseChurch RoadGortmore (1866), Caerleon#
LalezarKilliney Hill RoadSnowdon House (1874), Mount Druid, Marathon?Original house exists
LismellowKilliney Hill RoadCalton House, The Rectory, The VicarageOriginal house exists
LissadroneKilliney Hill RoadClarinda Cottage, Shanganagh Cottage#
MafraChurch RoadEdwardville#
Manderley CastleVictoria RoadVictoria Castle, Ayesha CastleOriginal house exists
MaravigliaVico RoadWaltonOriginal house exists
MaryvaleChurch RoadMafra
MentoneMilitary RoadVilla Franca (1866)Original house exists
MoorfieldChurch RoadSarahville (Saraville on map)#
Mount EagleVico RoadCoburg LodgeOriginal house exists
Mount MapasVico RoadMount Mapas CottageOriginal house exists
Mount ProspectKilliney VillageGlenalua HouseOriginal house exists
Mountain ViewKilliney AvenueMr. Farrell’s Yard and ForgeHouse no longer exists
OakdeneKilmore AvenueSaintville#
One VicoVico RoadLossetHouse no longer exists
PaduaKilliney Hill RoadDesmondOriginal house exists
Park HouseKilliney HeathKilliney Park#
Pink House, TheStrand RoadDunrominOriginal house exists
Rochestown Lodge HotelRochestown AvenueStone Ville, Laughton, Benburb Hotel, Victor HotelHouse no longer exists
Rock LodgeClaremont RoadPlasnewydHouse no longer exists
Rocks, The*Glenalua RoadThe Whins, Far Hills, Maryknoll, KnockbrackOriginal house exists
Sea LodgeStrand RoadJuanOriginal house exists
Seafield CourtSeafield RoadKilliney Tennis Ground#
Shottery, TheKilmore AvenueSiotaire#
St. Mary'sKilliney VillageThe CottageOriginal house exists
StonehengeKilliney AvenueSusquehannaOriginal house exists
StraideMilitary RoadEden Cottage (1866), Eden Hill (1888), Land League Cottage, Poverty Hall, Roselawn
SummerhillMarino Avenue WestSanta Severina#
Violet HillChurch RoadViolet Hill, Corrig More#
WeisfordMarino Avenue WestArdmoreOriginal house exists
Yellow House, TheStrand RoadArd na GreineOriginal house exists