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Killiney History | June 15, 2024

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AddressKilliney Road
Year Builtc.1860
Exists todayYes
On 1888 mapYes
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The owners and occupiers of Wyvern over the years

1860Fee Farm Grant (Let to Robert Warren Junior)Lot 17 Landed Estates Court
1862Robert Warren Junior Esq J.P.Newspaper advert
1868-94Robert Warren Jun. Esq J.P. BarristerThom’s
1897-1923George C. Stapleton
1924-32Mrs. Stapleton
1937-40V.G. McFetridge
1943Dr. Kirwan
1947-54J.P. McDermott, Flat 1
1947-54A.E. Pedal, Flat 2
1960Michael Morley, Wyvern Lodge

Photo c.1880

Wyvern as shown in a Lawrence collection photograph c.1880 along with the other Warren Estate houses of Clonlost and Fortal on Killiney Road

Landed Estate Court auction of 1872

Description of Wyvern ‘Lot 17’ from 1872 Landed Estate Court auction of the Estate of Robert Warren senior
Map of 1872 as part of LEC auction

Robert Warren junior took over the running of the Warren Estate after the death of his father in 1869. It was he who successfully managed to resolve the outstanding debt issues on the estate. He had been living directly across the road from Killiney Castle in Wyvern since 1860, when it was built. It appears that by selling off parts of the estate he managed to retain ownership of Killiney Park, Vico Fields and Wyvern. In 1887 he finally sold the main estate for £5,000 to allow for the creation of the public amenity we now know as Killiney Hill Park. It was not until 1889 that agreement was eventually reached with the owners, including Warren, which allowed for the opening of the Vico Road to the public. He remained in Wyvern until his death in 1894.

Exterior view

Freeman’s Journal 26th May 1894