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Killiney History | June 15, 2024

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Killiney Park House

Killiney Park House
NameKilliney Park House
Previous NamesHouse no longer exists
On 1888 mapYes
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Owners and Occupiers of Killiney Park House over the years

1802Advert for Killiney Park ‘To Let’
1834Mrs. Elizabeth KingWatson’s Almanack
1837Sir N.W. Brady, KntLewis
1847Thomas MooneyThom’s (listed under Killiney)
1850-52Captain Copeland
1856-60Thomas Mackie Esq
1868-70Joseph Fishbourne Esq
1880-92Vacant ‘The Park’Thom’s (listed under Killiney-park)
1894Mrs. Trouton ‘The Park’Thom’s (listed under Killiney-park)
1897-1920Vacant ‘The Park House’Thom’s (listed under Killiney-park)
1921James Netherville J.P.
1923-26The Hon. Mrs. Mary Netherville
1932-43Wm. Gordon Cardew ‘Park House’Thom’s (listed under Killiney)
1947Vacant ‘The Park House’Thom’s (listed under Killiney-park)
1950-60John O’BrienThom’s (listed under Killiney-park)

Peter Pearson says

Killiney Park House, a five-bay, two-storey, non-basement residence, was probably built about 1830. It had a hipped roof with over-hanging eaves. The house had two entrances, one from Killiney Avenue and one from Killiney Hill Road, and a walled garden of about half an acre. There is a small folly tower, built of granite, which stands on a former driveway to the east of the house. Following its sale in 1965, Killiney Park was demolished and a group of large, split-level houses was developed, now called Killiney Heath.

Folly Tower

Only remnant of Killiney Park House, the folly tower. Photo by MMcS 2023

Saunder’s Newsletter 14th June 1802