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Killiney History | June 15, 2024

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Evergreen Lodge

Evergreen Lodge
NameEvergreen Lodge
Previous NamesCedar Lodge(1866 OS Map), Marchington (1910)
AddressMilitary Road
Exists todayYes
On 1888 mapYes
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1837Appears on 1837 and 1847 OS Maps. No name on house.
1847Edward Walpole Esq, Cottage, Killiney?Thoms
1850John P. Smith Esq, Poverty Hall, Ballybrack?Post Office Directory
1852John P. Smith Esq, Ever-green house, BallybrackPost Office Directory
1856-58Edward Walpole Esq, Evergreen, BallybrackPost Office Directory
1866Cedar LodgeOS Map
1867/8William Daly Esq, Cedar Grove, BallybrackThoms
1877-84C. Mayne, M.D., Evergreen lodge, BallybrackThoms
1888-94S.V. Peet Esq, Barrister, Evergreen Lodge
1897-1900Mrs. Peet
1905-07Robert John Handcock Esq, Evergreen Lodge
1910House now called Marchington, VacantThoms
1912O.T. Webber, O.K Captain, R.E. Retired, Evergreen Lodge
1917-26Mrs. Crosbie Goff, Evergreen Lodge
1928-47Major T.C. Goff D.S.O.
1951-54Miss Goff
1960T.J. O’Driscoll B.A.