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Killiney History | December 10, 2022

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Eagle Rock

Eagle Rock
NameEagle Rock
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Extract from ‘Glimpses of Old Dalkey’

From Dublin Historical Record, December 1941 ‘Glimpses of Old Dalkey’ by F. M. O’Flanagan p.50

Photograph from Walter Lawrence collection

Further on this ” Old Green Road ” may be seen silhouetted above against the skyline, it can also be seen from the Vico Road, a striking granite figure of a bird about 4 feet high. This is known as the ” Eagle of Vico ” and is commonly put down as the work of Nature. Knowing that granite is too hard to weather, even after centuries, into such a shape, rather would it break off in lumps. I was sceptical and looked for another explanation. This I eventually obtained from Mr. Joe Archbold, aged over 8o years, retired world seafarer and pilot. He says that the “Eagle ” was fashioned out of a piece of granite by two brothers, Joe and Tom Cooper, stonemasons, who lived in a lodge at the back of “St. Germains,” near ” Mount Henry.” So after the lapse of over 70 years let us give them, and not Nature, the credit for this outstanding landmark.

Eagle with obligatory Covid mask. Photo taken on 31st December 2020.