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Killiney History | January 18, 2022

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Victoria Arms Hotel

Victoria Arms Hotel
NameVictoria Arms Hotel
AddressKilliney Village
On 1888 mapYes
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The Victoria Arms Hotel was located in the heart of Killiney Village on the site which now hosts the Killiney Plaza apartment development. An advertisement for the hotel, dated c.1925, indicates the type of business catered for by the proprietor, J. Clancy. We know from Thom’s directory that John Clancy ran the operation during the period 1928-1930 and certainly well before this. The hotel not only offered accommodation but also ‘First class groceries and provisions. The best brands of wines and spirits. Guinness Stout on bottle and draught. Luncheons, Dinners, Teas and Refreshments.’ Mr. Clancy was preceded by a Mrs. Maxwell, grocer and wine merchant in the 1912 entry in Thom’s. John Rush appears here as proprietor in 1940 and 1943 where the hotel has been renamed The Killiney Hotel.

We have included further updates (November 2021) in relation to the hotel which can be viewed here.

Map of property c. 1889 indicating neighbours


YearNameName of premisesSource of information
1853Mr. LawlorVictoria HotelAdvert. Premises To Let suitable for Tavern and Provision Business
1858B. LarneyVictoria TavernPost Office Dublin Directory and Calendar
1865B. Larney (prop)Killiney HotelAdvert. Visitors to the Exhibition are informed of recent alterations and capacity for 100 guests with splendidly laid out grounds. Less than 45 minutes by train from Dublin.
1865Killiney HotelAdvert. ‘The Patent Lever Porter Machine may be seen at work in Killiney Hotel’
1866Bernard Larney (owner)Victoria HotelAdvert. Landed Estates’ Court (lease from 1856)
1866Name not providedVictoria HotelAdvert. Premises To Let due to ill health of proprietor. A grocery concern is attached.
1868B. LarneyVictoria InnThom’s
1878McKeeverPost OfficeAdvert. Reply ‘care of Mr, McKeever, Post-office, Killiney’.
1882McKeeverPost OfficeAdvert. Reply ‘care of Mr, McKeever, Post-office, Killiney’.
1884Mrs. McKeeverPost Office
1887-92Peter McKeeverKilliney Post OfficeThom’s. McKeever is listed as receiver in the Post Office which was located on the premises at this time.
1888Peter McKeeverLease of 1888. Edward Lister K. Talbot to Peter McKeever
1891Peter McKeeverPublicanNewspaper report. The DuBedat Bankruptcy. Peter McKeever nominated as Trade Assignee.
1895Peter McKeeverVictoria Hotel & RestaurantAdvert. ‘A Charabanc attends the trains every hour at Dalkey station.’
1895Peter McKeeverMcKeever’s HotelNewspaper report. ‘Mr. P. McKeever must be enrolled amongst the pioneers of the revival of Irish tourist traffic etc…’
1897Peter McKeeverNewspaper report. Funeral of Peter McKeever. Attendees listed. Chief mourners listed as Ernest James and Louis, sons.
1898McKeever’s HotelAdvert. ‘The Irish Palermo.’ ‘Well appointed Char-a-Banc.’
1900Mrs. Mary MaxwellVictoria HotelNewspaper report. Application for change of her maiden name of Mary McKeever on drink’s licence to her present name of Maxwell having remarried.
1900Mrs. McKeeverVictoria HotelThom’s. Also listed as grocer and wine merchant. Also listed as postmistress.
1902Mr. MaxwellKilliney HotelNewspaper report. Mr. Maxwell purchased a well known public house in Townsend Street from Joseph Ward, chairman of Killiney Urban District Council.
1905-07Mrs. MaxwellVictoria HotelThom’s. Also listed as grocer and wine merchant. Also listed as postmistress and living in Bellair House.
1912-17Mrs. MaxwellVictoria HotelThom’s. Also listed as grocer and wine merchant. Also listed as sub-postmistress and living in Plasnewyd.
1915Mrs. MaxwellMcKeever’s ‘Victoria Hotel’Advert. (Per instructions of Mrs. Maxwell who is retiring from business). Auction notice for the sale of McKeever’s ‘Victoria Hotel’ & Killiney Bar together with ‘Bayview’, ‘Hillview’ and 5 adjoining cottages. The sale also included the 7 day licensed premises at 110 and 111 Townsend Street.
1917Victoria Hotel and Killiney BarAdvert. For Immediate Letting. It appears the auction of 1915 was not successful and Mrs. Maxwell sought to let the premises as a going concern.
1920-23Thos. A. Shine and Wm. Kenneally, proprietorsVictoria HotelThom’s.
1922Thos. ShineShine’s HotelNewspaper report of robbery
1923Thomas ShineVictoria Arms HotelNewspaper report. Proprietor summoned for breaching the Licensing Act. Wm. Kenneally mentioned.
1924Charles J. BarrVictoria HotelNewspaper report. Compensation
1924Catherine McGeown, proprietressVictoria Arms HotelThom’s.
1925John ClancyCounterpart Lease John Clancy to Nora O’Callaghan Duff.
1928-37J. Clancy, proprietorVictoria Arms HotelThom’s.
1940-47John Rush, proprietorVictoria Arms HotelThom’s. Also listed at Killiney Hotel and Bayview.
1950-54Mrs. MurrayThe Balcony CafeThom’s.
1960Elizabeth MoffattThe Balcony CafeThom’s.
1970Diana Muriel KellockLease to Killiney Inns Ltd.
1972-87Henri & Helena RollandRestaurant RollandLease
1987-95Catherine & Spencer WongJades RestaurantBuilding demolished c.1998 to make way for the Killiney Hill Plaza apartment development.

Stagecoach stop

The hotel was a popular destination for visitors to the area and place for taking refreshments for the various coach services which passed through the village. This is recalled by Arthur Haughton who was born in 1903. This is an extract from an article which appears in Holy Trinity Church 1858-1996, A Parish History:

The Druid’s Chair which is still there and beside it was Victoria Hotel, later known as Jades restaurant. In earlier times this had been a stage for the stagecoach which travelled up from Wexford to Dun Laoghaire. As Killiney Hill Road was so steep, the stagecoach stopped at Killiney House to change horses; the passengers alighted and walked up the hill to the hotel for refreshments, while the stagecoach came up empty and met them again at the hotel. It was then a downhill run through Dalkey to Dun Laoghaire.

Advertisement for the hotel from c.1925. Photo courtesy of Ronnie Haughton.

Compensation payments for damaged caused during the Civil War

Irish Times 24th May 1924

More recent occupants

Jades Chinese restaurant c. 1996

Many will remember the well loved Jade’s Chinese restaurant which occupied the premises in the 1980’s. This was run by Catherine and Spencer Wong. Prior to this it was Restaurant Rolland and had a popular following. Before that again in the 1950’s the premises was known as The Balcony Cafe and was run by a Mrs. Murray. Over the years as the commercial premises in the village closed up shop small infill housing schemes replaced the original buildings and now The Druid’s Chair pub and Killiney Stores Deli are the only remaining commercial uses serving the locals and visitors alike.

A view into the yard behind the hotel before demolition and a view of St. Abbey’s which was previously called Hillview.

Newspaper cuttings from over the years

11th October 1866 The Irish Times
7th June 1865 The Freeman’s Journal